A Carbonian is a person who supports the carbon token. Carbonians believe that they can help heal the earth by actively participating in methods to combat climate change. These methods include renewable energy, agriculture, food waste, forestry projects and much more. Carbonians will help bring forward innovative solutions for the earth and become leaders in the efforts to combat climate change.

I am a Carbonian, are you?
arbon token
Carbon token is the ultimate digital asset used by Carbonians.
It is the most environmentally sustainable crypto on earth, supported by individuals and institutional impact investors

Carbon token is generated by using Blockchain/Crypto Technology, empowered by IoT, and uses robust processes which are designed with Six Sigma methodology.

Please read our Green Paper to know more about carbon token.
EO letter
Let us read our CEO letter to all carbonian, what drives him, what’s the story behind, what’s the plan, and what he expect from us.....
arbon credit
1 token of CARBON = offsetting 1 ton of CO2 footprint

Carbon credit is a tradable digital certificate that provides the holder (Carbonian) the right to emit one ton of CO2 (or other GHG equivalent).

One carbon credit by universal standard represents one ton of carbon captured or not released.

Carbonian who are acquire or retiring one carbon credit, you are the true environmental hero who has offset one ton of carbon emissions.
ombating climate change projects
Projects about renewable energy, energy saving, heat recovery, industrial processing, food processing/ waste, agriculture, forestry, other land use, etc. are types of combating climate change projects.

Currently we have NaN of projects participate in Carbon Token, which generate NaN of CO2 emission reduction, which equal to reducing emission from NaN of cars using fossil fuel taken out from the road. Up to today, we already offset of NaN CO2 emission by selected individuals and companies. For more details, please explore our Project Database and Carbon Offset Database below.
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Offset Database
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ore team
Choky YF Simanjuntak
CEO and Founder
An accomplished and seasoned professional with 25 years of broad and progressive Industrial experiences, 7 years of them in renewable...
Quoc Pham
Blockchain Technical Leader
As an Blockchain Technical Leader, I determine project requirements, providing technical directions (technology selection, system design, approach,...) and technical support/assistance...
Carbon Leader
Leonard has more than 10 years experience involved in the development of various carbon projects related to Clean Development Mechanism...
Website and Blockchain Engineer
Thomas is a Website and Blockchain Engineer. He is Blockchain Enthusiast with great passion...
Angelisa Beatric
Digital Marketing & Community Development Manager
Angel is a creative and passionate in Integrated Digital Marketing in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain,...
Minh Le
Blockchain Product Manager
Le has around 8 years of experience involved in the development of digital products. As a product manager, make sure every team is crystal clear how they’re supporting product goals,...
Henry Fahman
Chairman and Co-Founder & Chairman of The Advisory Board
Henry Fahman has more than 30 years’ experience in general management, finance, investments and corporate...
Dan Dubell
Member of Advisory Board
Dan Dubell is a seasoned executive with four decades of business experience, serving in leadership roles in start ups, acquisitions, corporate and franchise settings, and franchise ownership...
Mrs. TitaThy Nguyen
Member Of Advisory Board
Mrs. TitaThy Nguyen, in addition to her position as the Chairman of Vietnam World Energy Council (WEC), she is also President of Vietnam Green Energy Network...
Tuan Hoang
Member Of Advisory Board
Started in 2013 with Digital Systems Ltd., one of the leading companies in Vietnam providing a technology platform in the field of Logistics. Currently, Tuan is the Co-founder and CEO of RNT Holdings,...
Hoang D. Vo
Member of Advisory Board
Graduated from the University of Washington, U.S.A., with a major in Business Management and Marketing,...
Huynh Van Nhien
Member Of Advisory Board
Experienced executive in start-ups incubator. Huynh help start-ups worldwide and invest in. He has helped start-ups...
Victor Siregar
Member Of Advisory Board
has 38 years of experience in oil and gas refinery, gas processing plant, power plant, and mining projects, especially in engineering,...
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